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École normale supérieure de Cachan
Antenne de Bretagne
Campus de Ker Lann
Avenue Robert Schuman
35170 Bruz
+ 33 2 99 05 55 05
+ 33 2 99 05 55 45
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ENS Rennes Library

The mission of the library at ENS Rennes is to compile, manage and store the documentation of the school and to make it accessible to various publics: students, teachers, researchers, personnel and external users. It provides multi-disciplinary scientific collections, but more particularly it covers
the various disciplines taught in the five departments. The library has a collection of 20,000 publications and 110 periodicals.

You can consult the documentary resources using your user identification at the following address:

The library is also an ideal workspace for the students at ENS Rennes. Seating is available for over one hundred people, and four rooms for group work are available to students as well as four computer stations. A photocopier is also publicly available, and you can purchase a photocopy card at the administration office.

Libraries in Rennes

> University libraries
The universities of Rennes 1 and Rennes 2 have university libraries (bibliothèques universitaires - BU), accessible to all students.

Three libraries make up the network of the University of Rennes 1:
  • Bibliothèque Droit-Économie-Gestion (law, economics, management)- 7, place Hoche - 35000 Rennes,
  •  Bibliothèque Santé (health) - 13, avenue du Professeur Bernard - 35000 Rennes (Campus Villejean),
  • Bibliothèque Sciences et Philosophie (science and philosophy)- 18, avenue Charles Foulon - 35700 Rennes (Campus Beaulieu).
  • The University of Rennes 2 has a central library, comprising almost 800,000 publications. This library focuses on domains such as languages, human and social sciences, sports and art. - Place du recteur Henri le Moal, 35000 Rennes.
> In town : The Champs Libres
This space, situated in the heart of Rennes, regroups the Musée de Bretagne, Espace des sciences and the library. This establishment provides a multitude of publications on various themes and is open to the public.

Date of update May 17, 2017